Your Body Has The Answer is for anyone who wants better health, home, nutrition, sleep and abundance.

If you are looking for insights, from an experienced teacher that improves mind-set and health for health practitioners, individuals and families these courses will inspire and change your life. 

Elizabeth Hughes is the co-founder of progressive kinesiology and is a successful practitioner who has helped thousands of clients and students to better health and positivity. Your healing journey is a collaboration, your body is the key and Elizabeth Hughes will help you unlock the answers.

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What's included:

  • Easy-To-Follow Training Modules

  • Comprehensive content focused on you taking action and moving forward

  • Dynamic instructional videos

  • Downloadable extras such as PDF's and eBooks

  • Interactive discussion boards

  • Work at your own pace


  • What are the advantages of online education?

    Even though online learning is fairly new many studies show it is as effective, if not more so than face to face classroom learning. Online students tend to achieve the same learning results in half the time as classroom based students.

  • What if I learn differently to others?

    With a variety of text, videos and quizzes, different learning styles are catered for, so online learning will help you achieve your goals.

  • When is the best time to study?

    Our courses can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere, you can work when you feel most alert and engaged. Our courses are perfect if you work full time or can only focus when the kids are in bed as you have round the clock access to the syllabus.

  • How do I ask a question if I need help on a course?

    Every course contains a discussion board where you can post questions or comments. An email is sent to our administrators alerting them that a question has been made and they will respond as soon as possible. We encourage you to ask questions and you may feel more relaxed to do so in an online setting than you would in a traditional classroom.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Once you purchase any of our courses you have lifetime access to the course material so you can review and repeat the course as many times as you need.

  • How long does a course take to complete?

    The time for each course will vary depending on your commitment and speed of learning but a suggested average time for completion is on the introduction page of each course.

  • What devices or skills do I need?

    Our courses can be accessed on most devices: mobile phones, ipads and desk top computers. You just need very basic computer skills and internet access. All our courses are user friendly and easy to follow.

Join our awesome community and learn from Elizabeth Hughes' 30 years experience as a therapist and teacher