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Connecting to The Energy of Money

The Secret of Wealth

Many clients secretly craved more wealth or abundance but felt bad about wanting more. Elizabeth's process has helped thousands of people unlock their full potential and finally connect to the energy of money.

  • Change how you think about money!

    Explore the thoughts and behaviours that affect your wealth to stop sabotaging yourself. Discover the exact process to change your mindset and achieve what you desire most.

  • Live your best life!

    Learn exactly how to clear the blocks that affect your wealth through a variety of techniques and rituals. So you can get a better job, holiday or help others.

  • Accept the money you are worth!

    Discover how to connect to a positive flow of money to feel more secure and confident by surrounding yourself with thoughts of abundance that increase your wealth vibration.

  • This course takes approximately 5 hours to complete

    A certificate is issued on completion.

Three reasons to start this course today

  • Change your money mindset and improve performance in your everyday life

  • Uncover the blocks that stop you achieving your goals and release money stresses

  • Boost your money confidence to feel empowered and in control

Inside the Course

Discover exactly how to Connect to the Energy of Money with:

  • Your own personal money journal to ensure your success

  • Insights and discussions from previous students

  • Practical tools that will increase your abundance

  • Easy-To-Follow Training Modules and Video content

The Modules

  • 1


    • About your Tutor

    • Introduction - Money Makes The World Go Round

    • Money As An Energy

  • 2


    • Personal Money Journal

    • Other Words For Money

    • Listen To How You Think

    • Specific Ways of Getting Money into Your Life

    • Who's Who On Your Bank Notes?

    • Image Impressions

    • Past Students Image Impression Answers

    • Personal Journal Questions

    • Past Students Personal Journal Answers

    • Brain Washed By Memes!

    • Your Possible Money Blocks

  • 3


    • Emotional Stress Release

    • Sedona

    • Affirmations

    • Emotional Freedom Technique

    • Working with Angels and Prayer

    • Create a Vision Board

    • Money Ritual

    • Your Money Jar

    • Feng Shui for Wealth

    • Money Mist Formula

  • 4


    • Now to practice and connect!

What people have said about the course!

Tracey Terry

" I have completed many courses on the subject of money but found Elizabeth's perspective and unique techniques the most helpful. I especially loved the thought provoking questions in the personal journal which gave me a deep insight into my money blocks"

Chamilka Jayawardana

"Even for someone who had previously undertaken money workshops, I found Elizabeth’s course so insightful and well laid out with the practical application at the end making it particularly worthwhile."

Kacey Griggs

"Until I did this course with Elizabeth, I never realised just how disconnected I was to the energy of money and the negative beliefs I had about money. This all changed for me by gaining the awareness and using the simple and effective techniques provided in the course. It was a fun way to lighten my outlook on money."

Fiona Jones

"I loved the Connecting to the Energy of Money online course. It has helped me clear my negative thoughts and appreciate my worth. I recommend this course to everyone. It is insightful, easy to follow and a highly positive experience."

Ali McKelvie

"After seeing Elizabeth as a client, I decided to undertake her “Connecting to the energy of money” online course. I loved this course so much and got so much out of it (yes more money!), that I then went on to do the Diploma of Kinesiology Course as well. Elizabeth is engaging, understanding and a brilliant kinesiologist and teacher. I 100% recommend her courses."

Meet your instructor Elizabeth Hughes BA (Hons)

With over 30 years experience helping thousands of students

Author of Your Body Has The Answer Elizabeth is an exceptional Teacher who achieves remarkable results. She holds a BA (Hons) in psychology and education, teaches the nationally recognised Diploma of Kinesiology in Australia. She is the co-founder of Progressive Kinesiology and holds additional Diploma’s in Anatomy and Physiology, Reflexology and Nutrition.
photo of Elizabeth Hughes

Join today, live your best life and Connect to the Energy of Money